Anonymous asked:

John and Sherlock kissing on the sofa when Mycroft walks in. John's cheeks go red and he tries to pull away, but Sherlock smirks, 'cause he won't have that, and pulls John back in. Mycroft leaves the duo in peace, well as much peace as you could have in 221b :) - Your Johnlock Anon

queersherlockian answered:

Sherlock getting distracted by John’s bum at a crime scene, like “John, the body please.” Then John bends over and suddenly Sherlock’s blushing slightly and can’t make a complete sentence. :) -YJA

John says something in Scotland Yard that makes Sherlock realise the answer. Sherlock, caught up in the moment, kisses John and runs out the door. John follows, but he thinks he sees money exchange in hands… :) -YJA

John is sick, and Sherlock gives him tea in bed and extra covers and climbs in (despite John’s protests). The next day Sherlock is sick as well and they cuddle together in bed. :) - YJA